Consider it Done!
A Boutique Concierge Service for
You or Your Loved One
Whatever the need is, we can do it!
A Phone Message left on our Voice Mail: "I appreciate what you have done for my Aunt.  If she couldn't have left that place and had your tender expert care, she would have died.  I do believe that in my heart of hearts."
Erin and Mary  

Now that we have closed our Nursing Home we desire to get out into the community and help infirmed seniors to stay independant and in their home.  What ever the need is we can do it.

A Nursing Home Alternative..was a Private Care Home that provided Elder Care to Infirmed Seniors. For 20 years Harry, Annie and Erin always gave consistent one-on-one nursing and palliative care to every level of decline in a safe and secure home environment. Our mission was to provide you or your loved one with a dignified, stress-free and affordable alternative.     

Feel free to call with inquiries or to schedule interview: 941-544-2243 
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Erin stopped by to give Christy a shampoo and cut!
It's nice to have a man around to help with the care of our men customers.  Here Harry is making sure Bob eats slowly and doesn't choke.